Refund Policy

Please notify us as soon as practical if you will be unable to attend our event.

Our official policy is that a refund, less any transaction processing cost if paid by credit card, will be given to a registrant requesting it from the workshop coordinator, no later than fourteen days prior to the event. A refund request, less any transaction processing costs if paid by credit card, may be granted by the workshop coordinator with less than fourteen days’ notice only if the Foundation has not incurred or will not realize an expense associated with their registration.

This means that a refund of your registration fees will depend on how many days notice we receive prior to the start of our event.

  • 30 Days Prior or Longer. A refund will be provided for your registration costs. This refund may be reduced by transaction processing costs.
  • Between 30 Days Prior to 15 Days. A refund may be granted if the Foundation has incurred no additional costs or commitments based on your registration. Any refund issued may be reduced by transaction processing costs.
  • 14 Days Prior or Less. Refunds are not permitted once we have already committed to meal counts and have incurred printing costs for your registration. Typically this is two weeks prior to the event. If you know someone else who can attend in your place, we will transfer the registration to this person at no additional processing cost.

As a volunteer-driven organization, please give us at least 15 days from your request to process any applicable refund.